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Memorable Ayung River Rafting Adventure

7 February 2015

Apparently, it will be absolutely incomplete when having holiday in Bali without enjoying the beauty of Ayung River. Amazing splendor of the Ayung River can be relished by gingering your adrenal through the white water rafting adventure.

Ayung River dividing the two regencies, namely Gianyar and Badung, has been indeed well known as a favorite venue for sporting aficionados to indulge the passion for the white water rafting.

However, please bear in mind the rafting offered along the rapids of the Ayung River is surely not sporting only, but also releasing your fatigue after working hard for a week. So far, the rafting adventure along the Ayung River is one of the most popular rafting location all over the world. Aside from having less savage rapids, it also offers fantastic scenery along the rafting route.

The sum up, rafting adventure in Ayung River offers different sensation and very challenging rapid to explore. This river has some rapids to challenge and ginger your adrenalin. Total mileage of the rafting is approximately 12 kilometers and can bi covered within 2 – 2,5 hours. As long as exploring the rapids, you will be spoiled by alluring green landscape on your left and right side. Additionally, this river has some small waterfalls becoming a nice object for snap shooting. Alternatively, rafting participant also take an advantage of the beautiful carving along approximately 200 meter created by some artist from Ubud. They are suitable for a backdrop of your memorable pictures. Rafting adventure here is safe and surely accompanied by experience rafting guide.

Rafting package on offer varies but the journey generally starts from Badung and then drops in Ubud, Gianyar. On average, location of the rafting in Ayung River is not dangerous. On that account, it is suitable for beginners as no less difficulty experienced as long as relishing the rafting.

Ayung River has some mangers and sand at riverbed. Similarly, there are few large rocks as they are not composed by volcanic lava flows. Ayung River itself has steeply sloping riverbank, so to reach the river participants will pass through the riverside cliff. Rafting in Ayung River is categorized into the level 2-3. In other words, it is good for beginners as well as family.

The water flowing from headspring of the Mount Batur in Bangli Regency runs to follows the path. Ultimately, it arrives in Gianyar Regency and drop by drop ultimately forms a niche, keeps on creating a trench and then sculpts the wall until becoming a river. The rocks transforming into a fence, wed as well as inscription in the river basin makes the water move dynamically. Sometime, the water flow looks calm on the flat bed, rush among the corals and then booms when plunged into a step of place.

A long the route of rafting adventure in the Ayung River, we will observe carvings of exotic nature. All the sculptures are engendered by the water stream for years, which ultimately produces beautiful curvatures. More than that, big trees like bamboo, golden teak and so forth can be seen along the route. This ambience will be never encountered if you take the rafting in Ayung River. Undeniably, this atmosphere indicates that Bali Island indeed has been known as an island of various sublime arts. Bali does not only have a lot of artist, but its nature also has a great art power managing to create artistic scratches. These arts are sculpture of nature passing through the creation process for years.

,p>Bali River Rafting is one the rafting organizer in Bali offering a rafting activity in the challenging rapid of the Ayung River. The rafting adventure itself carried out from Payangan Village, adjacent of Ubud Village and finish point will be at Kedewatan Village with its long trek about 12 km and will take about 2 – 2.30 hours.

Safety standard in rafting adventure is our high priority considered. Participant of rafting services at Ayung river rafting is highly required to use safety helmet and life jacket during the rafting. Furthermore, the rafting participant will be presented with nature beauty of Bali village and countryside. They could swim in the midst of rafting activity.

Let’s join Ayung river rafting adventure during your holiday trip in Bali, will be long life memorable. Book now online and get special deal direct booking.